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Jon and Alice

As a Great Fosters Surrey Wedding Photographer, it was great to be back again after photographing another wedding here before. Jon and Alice made a trip to Wales out of coming to meet prior to booking me. We chatted all things exercise and share a love of running – I’ll never forget the story of how Jon proposed after running The Edinburgh Marathon together. Alice is a veteran runner and for Jon it was quite the ordeal at the time, bu the caught up to Alice at the end and dropped to one knee.¬†

Great Fosters Surrey is a gorgeous venue – imposing architecture rich with history and the most beautiful gardens that lead to a lake. In the morning I joined Alice and her girl friends as they prepared for the day. Alice has lots of friends from being in service, but as such some of them were deployed so it was lovely to be able to Skype them so they could join in the fun too.

The ceremony was held in the Orangery, a vast room full of natural light, there were some funny and emotional readings followed by bubbles(both the blowing and drinking kind)  outside in the gardens.

The reception was held in the 14th Century Great Tithe barn and I loved how it had been decorated with oversized balloons and fairy lights. Their cake was amazing! On one side is was a beautifully decorated wedding cake, on the other, each layer depicted their travels together in icing.

The party continued on into the night. The family and friends were so welcoming and full of love, I had a little boogie too and I left elated!

Here is their story.

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  • Russell How

    A properly traditional English wedding, beautifully captured! Love the pyramid or chaps falling over x

  • Dean Jones

    Nicely done, liking the colours in there.

  • Martin Dabek

    Lovely coverage. The pyramid shots made me laugh!

  • Thomas

    Fantastic, looks like a really fun wedding day.

  • Ashley Davenport

    Great work! Looks like a beautiful wedding.

  • Bart

    What a set of amazing wedding photos! Love it

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