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Oliver & Laura get married at Great Fosters in Surrey

Egham | Surrey | Wedding Photography

When Olly approached me to photograph his and Laura’s wedding, I was more than a little excited (with an ounce of trepidation!). He is a prolific and exacting commercial photographer and the brains behind We Are SO Photo – so to be asked to photograph another photographers wedding is kind of a big deal! Great Fosters, located in Egham, Surrey, is a very stunning venue – as a photographer – I was spoilt! We had blossom in full bloom, stunning grounds and a beautiful decorated venue – thanks to Laura’s keen eye for detail.

The day itself was highly emotional. I simply can’t put into words how humbling it is to watch raw emotions between family members. In particular seeing Laura’s Dad see his girl in her dress and read his speech was just …. well – it’s one of those moments there aren’t any words for!

Families come in all forms but there is nothing like seeing a loving family, look at each other tenderly and be so proud of each other and genuinely caring. Seeing Olly and his brother have their ‘bro hugs’ and they relationship between them and their parents was out of this world.

The speeches were perfect, short but sweet and just the right amount of humour and riskiness 😉

The evening finished with the surprise appearance of a Bavarian Oompah Band which kicked off the evening with a bang. We stole off for some quiet moments before leaving them to dance the night away (with more than a few shots!).

Here is their story:

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  • Voyteck

    great set of photos!

  • Richard Savage

    AWESOME Set and love your documentary stuff

  • Tomasz

    Wow what a wedding! Awesome!

  • Peter Ghobrial

    Great storytelling, awesome set!

  • Aaron

    Lovely set of photos! Your docu during bridal prep is mega, love the ambience of the room too (and edited to perfection). So so good 🙂

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