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Monmouthshire Pre-Wedding Shoot

Harmony Session with Steph & Will in Magor Marsh, Monmouthshire

I met Steph and Will at Magor Marsh, Monmouthshire, one of my (sort-of) top secret places to photograph in this area of incredible natural beauty. We had a great fun wandering around the marsh amongst the long reeds and lush green meadows. On the drive to the Marsh it was showering relentless rain but when we arrived there was this little oasis of calm and blue sky above the marsh (I must have the magic touch!). I explained and demonstrated my tried and tested techniques to make them feel relaxed on camera; present in the moment and simply enjoying each other and the landscape they are in.

I cannot tell couples to pose, everyone had their own unique way of fitting together, we are all puzzles. For Steph and Will – it was laughter and big bear hugs and I just love how they gaze at each other and knowing that gaze will only get stronger over time – gives me the feels!

Harmony Sessions are perfect for couples who feel a bit awkward about having their photographs taken, don’t like to idea of contrived and posed photography and just want to have some fun together and relax before the wedding planning gets too serious.

Steph and Will had brought their VW ‘Poppy’ along for the shoot and just before the sun disappeared we had great fun incorporating it into the session while they took in the gorgeous skies and the scent of rain in the air. Steph and Will went away feeling exhilarated and like they’d “just had a really fun walk”. It is such a pleasure to put couples at ease before the wedding and watch them visibly relax almost instantly to the point where I get to see how they really are with each other, it is such a privilege to watch love unfold.



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