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Becky & Shaun | St. Pierre | Chepstow

I arrived at St. Pierre, Chepstow, early on a bright and sunshine-filled August morning for the wedding of Becky and Shaun. The day began with a bang as Shaun’s gift to Becky was a pair of Louboutins, I mean, really! Any day that starts with a pair of sparkly red soled shoes is going to be a good day. I think from that moment until the moment I left I did not see that amazing smile leave Becky’s face.

After an emotional and funny morning with preparations building up the atmosphere it was time for the ceremony in the St. Pierre suite. It was such a sweet and sincere ceremony and topped off by some of Becky’s pupils (she’s a teacher) singing a few numbers and making everyone fill up with joy – there is really nothing like hearing children sing!

We enjoyed the sunshine and refreshments outside and snuck off to the driveway to feel the cool breeze under the shade of the tree canopy. It was pleasure to work alongside Richard form Aurora wedding films again, he is such a breeze to work with and shares my natural style so we compliment each other perfectly. Kudos!

The reception was just… hilarious, after some fantastic speeches that had everyone in stitches, some rapping from the bridesmaids (picture Fresh Prince!)  – we were ‘surprised’ by some singing waitors who within minutes had the whole wedding party on their feet, stomping, dancing and singing their hearts out. It was absolutely infectious and I may well have been tapping my foot just a little too 😉 By the end people were napkin swinging and eyes were streaming with happy tears – it was clear that Becky and Shaun had some pretty special people in their lives who really shared and felt their joy.

We snuck off for a quick shoot in a nearby wheat field that overlooked the Severn bridges just before the sun went down. It was a chance to catch their breath, reconnect with the moment and each other and take in what had so far been such a momentous day.

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  • Aaron

    Beautifully done! Jam packed full of moments and emotions – lovely set 🙂

    • Clare Adams

      Thank you, Aaron!

  • Sarah Chavez

    the perspective from being the “altar” is great and fresh! love that flying veil shot!! Nice work 🙂

  • Albert Palmer

    These are beautiful – everyone looks so happy! Great work love seen…

  • Thomas Blake

    Wonderful story telling, well done!

  • Bart

    Lovely and emotional that’s how I would describe this wedding, Fantastic job.

    • Clare Adams

      Thank you, Bart.

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