The Harmony Session

Those moments where you feel completely in tune with the landscape, where you have to pause to drink it in and feel part of it. It’s the same with love. You know when you have found the one you want to share your life with, as they are part of you. Both unique, yet completely together.

In our harmony session, I will create a space where you both feel entirely comfortable feeling these emotions together and in the particular place we happen to be. Whether that is rolling hills; secluded woodland or a bustling city street. I won’t pose you, rather (and only if needed) I will give you the tools you need to overcome camera awkwardness and instead feel incredibly powerful, sexy and natural in the space around you.

“[…] so I love you because I know no other way
than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep. ”

— Sonnet XVII Pablo Neruda

How much is it?

The Harmony Session is priced upon application, it can be a little rendezvous or an extravagant affair, get in touch or ask your wedding planner for more information.

How long does it take?

Approx 1-2 hours or sometimes longer if we go to more than one location, or if we get carried away.

What does it entail?

Some call it an engagement shoot or  a pre-shoot .. I call it a Harmony Session. It is all about getting to know each-other, a couple of bad jokes and plenty of good vibes. I will provide gentle coaching and encouragement to create the right atmosphere. The aim will be to achieve the levels of emotions that show you at your most natural and therefore most beautiful. Couples come away laughing and say they feel exhilarated, peaceful, loved-up and totally at ease with me and my camera. You can bring what you like to the session whether that’s props, your poodle or just your perfect selves.

What do I get?

Approx 40 – 100 fully-edited photographs on a bespoke USB in two folders (one perfected for online sharing, the other for perfect printing). You also get to see the images in an online gallery which you can share with friends and family and order print products.

Optional extras

Signing Frame

I offer a “signing frame” which is a print of your choice from your collection, in a frame with a large mount that can be used for people to sign at your wedding (often used instead of a guest book).

*Travel is included up to 30 miles from NP16, after which expenses are incurred.