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International Wedisson Award 2016

Clare Adams | International award winning wedding photography

I am so excited to have been awarded winner of the 14th international Wedisson photography awards, with not just one but THREE awards. The following three photographs were selected. It is a huge honour to be up there with the international greats who have inspired me over the years, the photographs I see awarded often make my jaw drop and really give me the feels and so I am pinching myself that I am up there with them, it is such a huge honour.


Sometimes all the elements of a photograph just fall naturally into place. It was a day with thick Summer heat and the meadow was ablaze with colour. I loved how the shadow from the trees on the left were sweeping towards us and I asked the couple to go for a walk together. They had a natural chemistry. The open blue sky and the ochre field is what makes this photograph a favourite for me.


Becca and Stephan had the most colourful wedding and had literally bucket loads of confetti. I knew I wanted to get as close and wide as possible when shooting them throwing the confetti over them and sure enough I captured this off-the-cuff moment of the groom getting confetti right in the face! I love the expression on their faces and knew when I looked back it would be one of my favourites from their day. It’s not a typical confetti shot but it encapsulates this couple and their own colourful story.


It was the height of Summer and a hot day with its of harsh shadows so I took the couple for a walk under some trees so we’d get some softer light. I backed off to allow them some time to connect and found a position where they were framed perfectly by the overhanging trees. The sun had gone in slightly but I waited and after awhile it came out and created this beautiful hazy light streaming through, that’s when I started clicking.

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