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Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama | Jaimie + Ian

The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama is a huge campus building in the heart of Cardiff overlooking Bute Park. It is a wonderful mix of old and new; indeed Jaimie and Ian’s ceremony was held in the older Anthony Hopkins building and then the reception followed in the new building with its immense glass walls, incredible light and acoustics. I was there in 2015 for Richard & April’s wedding and fell in love with it!

I love the story of how Jaimie and Ian got together – him a musician at the RWCMD and her studying Pharmacy, both in buildings across a busy main road in Cardiff. It is so incredibly sweet that they finally got together and then got married in the very place where Ian did his music training.

A true music enthusiast Ian picked a special piece of music for Jaimie to walk in with and it was breath taking watching him listen to the music and anticipating her arrival – my nerves were on edge! After the ceremony there were drinks, bubbles and merriment in the courtyard and the most incredible April sunshine which just seems to follow me around! (I’m not complaining!). We snuck out for a little walk in Bute Park where we were blown away by blossom on the trees and daffodils carpeting the ground – it wasn’t hard for them to slip away together and be truly present in the moment for some loved-up time together away from the crowd. The speeches were just perfect – the right length and from the heart. The sunset was incredible shining right through the glass walls of RWCMD and perfectly timed for a great band to start the party off in the evening.

Here is their story:

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