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 Tania and Tom get married at Llantilio Crossenny| Abergavenny

Llantilio Crossenny is a quaint farming community deep in the valleys and hills of Abergavenny, in Monmouthshire. Tania is from a typical South Welsh village with the local Church St Teilo at the heart of it. The charming village oozes personality and the beautiful farmhouse where she grew up and its surrounding hills, were the backdrop for her wedding, like a childhood dream come true.

The day began with torrential rain … which continued throughout the day! In the Welsh Valleys the rain is unforgiving and relentless and combined with mist from the hills, makes for a mysterious atmosphere. In the morning Tania, her family and friends got ready in the farmhouse with its rustic charm. The atmosphere was pensive, but loving and it felt very cosy to be inside!

The ceremony was held at the local Church of St Teilo with Tom’s Father, who is a vicar, leading the service. He gave a personal, yet wise sermon with lots of funny anecdotes from Tom’s childhood. It was truly special that he was able to give them that gift.

In true British style, people do not let the rain spoil a good wedding! They rallied around with boots and umbrellas and a touch of stiff upper lip! Everyone enjoyed the amazing spread that was put on in the marquee, which had been decorated beautifully with amazing flower displays. In between showers we grabbed some photographs. When the rain was at its most torrential, we made the most spectacular portraits which captured both the love and the spirit of this beautiful couple. They truly sparkled!

Detroit Soul were a great band who got everyone dancing well into the night.


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