Emma & Daryl’s wedding at Clearwell and Orles Barn Restaurant and Rooms

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Orles Barn Wedding – Emma and Daryl

Ross – on – Wye Wedding Photography

Emma and Daryl’s wedding took place at Clearwell Church followed by a reception at the quaint Orles Barn Restaurant and Rooms in Ross-On-Wye.
The morning with Emma and her best friend Millie was incredibly relaxed, the nerves didn’t show themselves until the final moments, instead there was laughter at random you-tube videos (‘goats that scream like people’ – google it) and plenty of reminiscing. Daryl had picked Derek to be his best man, you could tell they had an incredibly deep friendship made stronger in the previous months when Derek had undergone intense chemo-therapy. It was all the more moving for everyone at the wedding that he was at Daryl’s side throughout the wedding. A proud and touching moment for all. Emma looked gorgeous in her fitted gown which complimented her slenderness beautifully. A very proud Dad walked her down the aisle to a very proud Daryl. This couple’s love for each other can be seen with every look and touch. Emma had told me beforehand she has always pictured herself at the well-known view point of Symonds Yat rock in her wedding dress and so I was happy to take them both there for photographs before joining the rest of the reception at Orles Barn in Ross-On-Wye. There were crowds of people there all wishing them congratulations but you wouldn’t know as they all made room for us so we could take photographs of just the two of them. At one point a little girl who had been gazing adoringly at them, mesmerised by the scene, came up to give them a small pink flower she had picked. A moment that will stay with them forever. A dream come true for Emma and a dream to be realised for the little girl. Onwards to Orles Barn and the sun was shining brightly and the marquee was perfectly decorated in greens and whites, providing a cool place for guests to shelter from the heat. The speeches were highly emotional, even I cried! The band began to play shortly afterwards and they kicked off a wonderful Summers evening. As the light began to turn to dusk we stole a couple of minutes for some peaceful moments in the garden at sunset. A perfect end to a perfect day.

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