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Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel Usk Wedding Photography

An Usk  fairytale wedding  – Stacey + Kurt

Usk is a beautiful town set in the rolling Welsh countryside, with the beautiful Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel one of many fine venues in the area to get married. It was my first time photographing a Cwrt Bleddyn wedding and such a pleasure to photograph the wedding of Stacey and Kurt. The hotel was built as a private manor house in 1610, and the historic hotel is close to the Caerleon Roman Fortress with touches throughout the hotel from this historic era.

This day was all about family. Stacey and Kurt and his son Taylor were at the centre of the day, with Taylor having the important job of ring bearer and leading the ladies down the aisle. I’m not sure who the epic superhero cake was for, Kurt or Taylor! Kurts parents very sadly passed away and so they were remember throughout the day in the most incredibly touching speeches and toasts and by including a little picture of them in Stacey’s bouquet they walked with her down the aisle. Weddings like this remind me of how important my work is, creating memories that last lifetimes and generations. Family is so important; the family that make is and the one we create for ourselves.

After the ceremony we snuck away for a beautiful walk in the grounds of the Cwrt Belddyn Hotel which has leafy green trees and a stream running through. It was a wet wedding for some of the day but that didn’t stop the fun – and of course the photography. I loved shooting their wedding which was full of tears of love and laughter from morning until night.


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