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Boudoir Wedding Photography

Natural Fine-Art Boudoir Photography

When one of my brides, Lisa asked if I could do a boudoir session with her, in order to produce an album as a present for her husband-to-be, I was immediately up for the challenge. Whilst my focus is wedding photography, I also offer other kinds of photography such as family photography upon request.

In the exquisite Melksham Court, we had a fun couple of hours producing discreet, tasteful photographs for her husband to enjoy. I wanted to focus entirely on black and white photographs making use of the shadows and the light streaming through the window, taking care to think about backdrops, framing and composition. Lisa has an absolutely stunning figure and being fit an healthy is part of her life philosophy; to show it off we positioned her so that the light hit her toned muscles.

Boudoir photography is something that a lot of couples think about, but often feel nervous about actually doing it. It is something lovely and positive to do for yourselves and remind yourselves of in later years. It doesn’t have to be cheesy or seedy – it can be artistic, subtle and real. Sure, it may not be something to hand on your living room wall, but certainly something for the bedroom, or a private album to return to on a rainy day 😉 I loved the photography session with Lisa and it was a great secret to keep for the wedding day! Brett even phoned during the session and she pretending she was out trying on wedding dresses!

If you are interested in a boudoir session then please get in touch – a bespoke quote can be arranged and all enquiries are handled delicately. Of course this is not limited to females – the latest trend of dudoir, or couples boudoir, including same-sex are all encouraged.

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