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Oxwich Bay Gower Wedding Photographer

Naomi and Peter

Oxwich Bay Gower Wedding Photographer.

I joined Naomi and her bridal party at Naomi’s family home in the Gower. A grand yet homely house full of the memories of her childhood. Naomi chose a beautiful off-white gown with gold embroidery whilst the bridesmaids wore red. In the morning, preparations were well underway as the ladies got ready, her Father finished his speech and champagne was flowing freely. I loved the silk dressing gowns which had “Bride’s bitches” stitched on the back.

Then it was off the church where Peter’s Mother was waiting in her gowns. As a Vicar herself, she had the emotional honour of marrying them both. There were some beautiful philosophical speeches made by important friends and family.

After bucket loads of confetti was thrown it was off to the sea, to Oxwich Bay, where alcohol lollies, canapés and a walk on the beach awaited. The family and friends gave hilarious, risqué and emotional speeches, both Naomi and Peter were clearly very loved. As the sun went down, the band struck up and the party truly began.

This is their story.


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