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An NYE Wedding at Lyde Court Hereford | Becky & George

This NYE wedding was a dream to shoot, it might have been pretty cold, and I might have completely lost my voice, but this couple and their family had all the warmth and generosity of spirit to warm even the coldest hands clutching cameras! Becky is an up and coming photographer herself as well as being a first-class teacher along with George, so it was a privilege to be asked to be their wedding photographer. I was joined by Jonathan Cross-Jones second shooting and below features 30 of his photographs at the end, he was fabulous on the day and provided an extra creative set of eyes – love his red and blue light gels 🙂

The morning was filled with crisp sunshine, despite the stark winter air! Laughter and tears pumped the atmosphere as Becky and her family shared memories, gifts and music to get themselves in the mood. The church ceremony was beautiful and sincere and I was moved to see how emotional Becky was walking up the aisle with her Father.

The afternoon was spent in celebration at Lyde Court Barn in Hereford, I was pre-warned there may be some surprises along the way and I wasn’t disappointed! Becky’s Father is known for his pranks and during his speeches he donned a ‘George’ mask and erupted into song, to be joined by other guests, flash mob style, also in on the prank. When families get together and become emotional in their closeness I can’t help but become emotional too, for family and love is everything to me and it is such a joy to witness such heartfelt love. We partied on into the night and after the first dance, they were treated to another surprise – a dancing troupe of her Father and his friends, dancing along to ‘We don’t need no education’ much to the hilarity of the guests! Becky and George were urged to join in and it was quite the spectacle – not a dry eye in the barn! Later on when midnight hit and partied souls sung their way out in to the garden where they were greeted by sparklers and fireworks. A truly awe-inspiring end to their wedding and to the beginning of 2015.

Here is their story.

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