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Hensol Castle Chinese Wedding

Pui & Pau

Hensol Castle Chinese Wedding was a simply incredible day of colour, emotions and happiness. In the morning were the traditional Chinese Parlour door games where Pau was put through his paces to win the hand of Pui, I am not sure if I have laughed so much before 8am! Then it was on to Hensol Castle for the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Pui then changed into a white dress for the civil ceremony and the festivities continued. After an epic group shot session of over 50 formal groups in under 24 minutes (I am that good!) it was time for them to relax! A further dress change for the evening celebration and sparklers to finish.

Here is what they had to say when they received their photographs.


Thank you so much for being our photographer for our special day. These photos are wonderful and we cannot wait to share with our friends and family.

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  • Marek

    Very nice!

  • James White

    Beautiful set of images, fantastic work!

  • Ashley Davenport

    What a lovely day – everyone looks like they had a lot of fun!

  • Tommy

    Love the vivid colours! Portrait of the couple on the jetty is my favourite.

  • Anna Zofka

    What a beautiful wedding and that red dress is just stunning! The couple must be so thrilled with your photos

  • Bart

    Great set of photos. I really like it

  • Paul Keppel

    What a great set of images. The groom prep looked great fun to photograph.

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