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A Christmas Wedding

Peterstone Court Brecon

Kelly-Marie and John wanted a festive Christmas Wedding, at Peterstone Court in Brecon, South Wales. In fact I first met John Adams whilst photographing another couples wedding at Peterstone Court, whilst he was providing the music! John Adams is well known on the wedding circuit as an incredibly gifted musician and he is also well known throughout Wales and beyond as he shot to fame on the X Factor – see his audition here (I dare you not to cry!). Meanwhile, Kelly-Marie is an accomplished model, winning Top Model of Wales in 2014. Together they make a formidable, ambitious and beautiful couple both inside and out, their talents perfectly accompanied by the most sincere and modest characters.

When John asked me to photograph their Christmas wedding I was very excited and immediately said yes! It was a wedding that had so much thought put into it. From the subtle and fun Christmas touches, such as crackers on the tables, twinkling lights and and of course, a music theme throughout with friends playing music and bands they know entertaining them into the night. I loved the idea of newspapers for guests featuring stories and anecdotes of their loves together with their friends and family. Unusually, the couples decided upon a ‘first look’ – they saw each other before they got married. They did this for two reasons; firstly it they wanted a chance to see each other before the action kicked in, secondly, John was going to sing her down the aisle with a song he wrote especially for Kelly! So the first look took all the pressure off and I’ll think you’ll agree those morning photographs of them both are simply beautiful and depict their love and elegance together really well!

I was joined by Jonathan Cross-Jones as a second shooter, he has been my second shooter a few times now and I love working with him – thank you John, some of his photographs feature in this post.

Here is the story of their wedding.



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  • Lucy Turnbull

    My word! These are just so so lovely!
    The couple must be thrilled

  • Eneka Stewart

    Such a wonderful couple and wedding. Fab set of images.

  • Tommy

    Awesome set has a real Christmas vibe.

  • Vivek Wedid

    I like the way the photographer introduces the bride and the groom. The unique photographic skills can be seen from the photos posted above. It would have been a lovely wedding celebration for the couple as it is planned as a Christmas wedding. I love all the photos posted above.

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