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CaerLlan Monmouth Wedding Photography

The wedding of Caroline & Gareth

I have previously blogged the Harmony Session of Caroline & Gareth, on what was their original wedding date. Like so many others, their wedding date was postponed due to heightened restrictions during the pandemic.

Eventually, it was their turn and despite a few mask rules in the church, their wedding finally went ahead a year later than planned. Caroline and Gareth chose the beautiful remote church of Penallt for their wedding ceremony, set in a tiny hamlet near Monmouth with a stunning Welsh mountain background.

Their reception was held at my *favourite* wedding venue of all time – Caer Llan. It is Wales’ best kept secret and run by the inimitable Jake & Vicky at their family home which has  jaw-dropping views and the most discreet and bespoke service you could ask for.

They were treated to a sun drenched day, full of beautiful words, heartfelt speeches and sparklers in the evening.

Here is their story.


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