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Caer Llan Monmouth Wedding Photographer

Tom + Kimmie

I love being a Caer Llan Monmouth Wedding Photographer as the venue is simply out of this world, no matter the time of day or the season – the view never disappoints. Tom and Kimmie are a couple very close to my heart. The story of them meeting and falling in love, and the heart-ache they’ve suffered in their life brought tears to my eyes. On the morning of their wedding, Kimmie gave Tom a watch, which poignantly captured the time that his Grandfathers heart stopped beating, which of course had him in tears from the word go! The morning was very chilled out – which reflected their personalities completely. Kimmie was reluctantly ‘given away’ by her Grandfather, who is both a character and a man with deep soulful eyes which clearly held so much love for Kimmie. In their true quirky fashion the wedding guests were led from the ceremony in Conga-fashion and treated to drinks on the lawn to enjoy the view. I loved the afternoon tea they chose instead of a formal sit-down meal.

Here is what they said about their photographs:

We first met Clare well over a year before our big day and instantly loved her.
Although myself and my wife are from Oxford Clare was there for us 100% nothing was too much trouble. So wherever you may be 100 miles or just 5 you are certainly secure with Clare.

The big day– It had arrived and Clare and her fantastic personality had joined us, instantly being at ease just doing what you do on the morning of your big day Clare began to snap precious moments for us to look back on.
Clare told us that she will do such a good job we won’t even realise she is there and we didn’t just amazing. (We actually missed her)

Clare is just seamless in what she does but most of all she cares and gets to know you as a couple.

Thank you Clare for making our day special it would not have been the same without you xxx all our love as always

Mr & Mrs Livesey-Kidd

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