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Prior Park | Bath Priory| South West

Emma and Joe | Harmony Session | Prior Park

Emma and Joe enjoyed their Harmony Session at Bath Priory – they went away feeling really relaxed about their wedding photography, they even plan to use the photographs for their invitations – bonus! It is always a pleasure to do a pre-wedding shoot with couples and I would recommend it to all couples who are getting married who feel awkward having their photographs taken.

More information about Bath Priory and having a Harmony Session:

Those moments where you feel completely in tune with the landscape, where you have to pause to drink it in and feel part of it. It’s the same with love. You know when you have found the one you want to share your life with, as they are part of you. Both unique, yet completely together.

In our harmony session, I will create a space where you both feel entirely comfortable feeling these emotions together and in the particular place we happen to be. Whether that is rolling hills; secluded woodland or a bustling city street. I won’t pose you, rather (and only if needed) I will give you the tools you need to overcome camera awkwardness and instead feel incredibly powerful, sexy and natural in the space around you.

One of only four Palladian bridges of this design in the world can be crossed at Prior Park, which was created in the 18th century by local entrepreneur Ralph Allen, with advice from ‘Capability’ Brown and the poet Alexander Pope.

The garden is set in a sweeping valley where visitors can enjoy magnificent views of Bath. Restoration of the ‘Wilderness’ has reinstated the Serpentine Lake, Cascade and Cabinet.

A five-minute walk leads to the Bath Skyline, a six-mile circular route encompassing beautiful woodlands and meadows, an Iron Age hill fort, Roman settlements, 18th-century follies and spectacular views.


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