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To all my wonderful couples old and new thank you for sharing 2015 with me.

It has been an EPIC journey with so much creativity and boundless love and energy. This photo-essay depicts ‘a year in the life of a wedding photographer’ all the small details, big emotions, open hearts, side-splitting laughter and tummy flutters. I have travelled up and down the Uk and all over Wales to photograph couples. All seasons; from cold crisp January sunshine to rain and gales in July; to warm Autumns: this year has been full of surprises and has kept me creatively inspired throughout.

2015 has been really hard with the loss of Mr. LoveSeen’s Father and I want to thank all my clients and photography friends for the outpouring of love during this time. As we have looked back over photographs of his life it has really shown me just how much weight and poignancy our photographs can have, how much meaning we can ascribe them and just how special relationships are. It makes my work all the more important to me and makes me feel very privileged to be in a position where I can deliver something of so much value.

Visually you can see how each wedding inspires me to work differently, whether I am battling with dramatic dark skies to blinding sunshine filling the world with colour, discreet couples to the more flamboyant occasion, I can bend stylistically and represent couples as they are. It is so good to see a years worth of work together with the colours and personalities of each complementing each other beautifully.

So next week is my first January wedding of 2016 and as I look back over the last year from that first January wedding to the very last held on New Years Eve, I look forward to another year with new couples and more love, love, love!

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  • Brenda jones

    All your photographs are amazing and I’m so glad Carly chose you . We still think about her wedding day with fond memories. Good luck for 2016 and beyond xxxx

    • ca

      Thank you Brenda 🙂

  • Claudia Rose Carter

    Lovely Clare, I really enjoy all of the colour and vibrancy in your work. Heres to 2016, wishing you all the best of luck xx

    • ca

      Thank you Claudia 🙂

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