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Rhod Gilbert Wedding Planner – The Wedding of Sarah & Gareth at Miskin Manor
When Sarah and Gareth booked me over a year ago to FILM their wedding it was a bitter-sweet moment for me. As I knew it would be the last wedding I would ever film again before switching over to photography full time. The year went fast and very soon the wedding was upon us when I received an email from their very diligent wedding planner, Samantha Imbimbo from Oh So Perfect Wedding Planning.

Samantha explained that she’d been picked to teach Rhod Gilbert, the cheeky, Welsh comedian, how to be a wedding planner and as such he would be there on the day with a full tv crew shadowing him.

Crikey! I was a little concerned that there would be too-many cameras around to capture natural moments. I booked first-class wedding videographer Martin Williams from White Rose Wedding Films to be my right-hand man for the day and I knew they had booked ‘Paul and Jacs’ as their photographers  This really would be a paparazzi wedding!

Sarah and Gareth had gone for a Hollywood, movie themed wedding which was seen in all the little details, from popcorn on the tables, film strip ribbons and props throughout all the different parts of the day. There was also a strong blue theme running throughout.

On the day itself, my fears were allayed. As the tv crew had been following Sarah and Gareth for a good few weeks they were absolutely calm in from of the cameras and I was able to capture the wedding as any other.

Rhod Gilbert, in his position of wedding planner, did throw in a few surprises though. From Welsh Y-front wearing ice-sculptures, to a cake shaped like a golf-bag made by the Queen’s cake-makers to Hollywood star guest appearance.

This wedding was definitely unforgettable. What made it so good though was the fact that Sarah and Gareth were so unfazed by the camera’s and so honest and unassuming in themselves. Sarah made the most beautiful hollywood bride and Gareth did so well to remain calm all day and scrubbed up nicely too!

 See for yourselves how lovely the couple are by watching their highlights clip here:

The Wedding of Sarah & Gareth

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