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Clearwell Castle Wedding – Fiona and Keron

Fiona and Keron tied the knot after many years together. It was an occasion that the family had hoped for and for many reasons. Fiona had been seriously ill over the years and it never seemed like the right time so it was extra special to see her looking so incredible on the day. Indeed she carried herself with grace, poise and humour; if she was in pain, you would not have known for there was a smile on her face all day long. Keron made a very stylish groom with his own quirky look and together they made a striking and lovable couple. Their two daughters Hollie and Jayd were the ‘best men’ for the day and you could tell the day meant a great deal to them; they were thrilled that Fiona was finally marrying their Dad. I think it is a real sign of the truest of loves when an older couple decide to get married. They don’t rush in at the first dizzy sight of romance they wait, they let life unfold, they grow stronger together as good and bad things happen. Then when their love has stood all of times many tests they celebrate it with a union that means just that little bit more. I think more couples should get married in their forties, fifties, sixties and beyond. If it is true love then there is no need to rush it.

Here is their story.



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