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The first step is to check I am available by getting in touch below.

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I am in the fortunate position that popular dates are booked 1-3 years in advance, so if you are interested in my photography I recommend getting in touch as soon as you have confirmation from your venue.

Booking Procedure

  1. Check I am available
  2. We will meet for coffee (or cocktails) or if you are faraway or abroad we can have a chat via Skype or Facetime.
  3. Pay a 25% booking fee to secure date.
  4. Read, sign and return contract.
  5. Yay you have booked!

You may wish to book a Harmony Session before the big day or keep in touch by following my recent shoots on Facebook or Twitter. You can also ‘friend me’ on Facebook to chat photography, weddings or tut at my frequent gym references.

Not keen on form filling? Email me at: