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Master of Wedding Photography

Winner of Round 2 – UK Masters Awards

I am the sort of person who is a bit sceptical of photography awards, they feel a bit masturbatory at best and at worst I often wonder who really cares? Most couples are not stupid and can tell a good photographer from a not so good photographer. I suppose the off accolade and fancy badge can make their choice in photographer feel safer.  Also, though there is no right way to break into photography, having done an ‘actual’ Masters in Photography I kind of feel like I’ve had it with the pomp and ceremony of awards. I’ve doffed that cap twice already. There are quite a few awards out there for wedding photographers. The one I like the least has a completely obscure voting process and is essentially just a business for the organisers with a fancy overpriced dinner – they don’t seem to care that much about the type or quality of the photography being produced. However, there are some contests that I do admire. Fearless Photographers have a monthly competition -I have yet to win one but I’m not sure my style of photography is celebrated through a Fearless Award – they seem to favour really ‘out there’ work and one off moments. Perhaps I need to work harder at that sort of documentary approach that produces those kinds of results.

Masters of Wedding Photography is a relatively new contest and though it is a business like the other contests I feel they are more inclusive to other styles – it doesn’t just have to be strange or completely off the wall to win an award. Also, I like that the judges are respected and/or experienced photographers and the photographs are anonymised before they are seen. That way they wont vote for their friends and it gives us underdogs who stay away from social media groups a chance to play and win alongside the really big names in wedding photography. I was really thrilled to have won an award in the last round with my favourite photograph from Stephan and Becky’s wedding.

Clare Adams, winner of Masters of Wedding Photography, Round 2

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  • Congratulations Claire!

  • Eneka

    Well done winnign with this shot, super fun and colourful photo!

  • Matthew Long

    Many congrats, great image.

  • Natalie

    That’s a great photo, love the colours! Nx

  • Bart

    Congrats. You deserve it

  • Thomas Blake

    Awesome well done!

  • Paul Keppel

    Well deserved, great photo.

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