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Clare Adams: light-chasing ninja photographer


The LoveSeen journey began over 15 years ago in the darkroom playing with light and chemicals during degree studies. I was awarded a First Class degree and exhibited all over London and Cardiff , NY and Paris.  I later dabbled in Philosophy at Oxford where my ideas about art and the nature of being developed. Then in 2009, LoveSeen was born.

LoveSeen to me is the perfect conclusion to my love of photography and people. In 2012 I won a scholarship to study photography at Masters level and was subsequently awarded a Distinction. I have since presented my thesis on Embodied Photography at international philosophy conferences.

I have been working as a full-time wedding photographer for over six years, winning several SWPP wedding photojournalism awards and most recently I was winner of the international Wedisson Wedding Photography collection 14 awards.

Top Ten Photographers in Wales

– June Bug

Every single part of this journey can be seen and felt in my photography. The colours; the composition; the connection between the people and the landscape; the relationship between everything and the camera.

I live in Chepstow with my husband David, our daughter Blue and our cat Marley. When I am not taking photographs I am lifting weights at the gym or putting the world to rights over a Tanqueray. My life motto is, “If life gives you lemons: gym and tonic”!

That’s enough trumpet blowing and theory. Read more about the way I shoot.


Sensitive, reflexive and thoughtful.

Dramatic, edgy and touching.

To flex and yield at a moments notice.

I imagine a wedding day to be a bit like an art exhibition about you. The details you choose to represent you both are not just ‘things’ they are fragments of you that become little pieces of history.  The people who attend, the words you choose to speak, the vows you say, the clothes you wear, the music  – everything is locked in time.

At your wedding I feel a bit like a time-traveller weaving in and out of the present, past and future through my camera. Catching that expression from parents and grandparents filled with emotion watching you marry. Seeing the child look up at you with awe and wonder at how gracefully you move. Feeling the incredible presence of love fill the room and touch each and every person differently. Knowing that history is unfolding in my hands for future generations. The magnitude of my work fills me with utter joy and this pleasure is seen in how I work.

flex and yield

I hesitate to label myself as a photographer as I am constantly evolving. In fact rather than my style being documentary, alternative, reportage or fine art, in one day I can be any or all of the above. The consistency comes through how I show your story and my ability to flex and yield according to the moments on the day.

My ninja skills mean that I can fade into the crowd and catch those intimate, funny and one-off moments as they happen. I can also bring humour, sensitivity and direction when needed to bring out even the shyest of souls.


I do not set-up any shots, there won’t be a posed ‘signing of the register’ or ‘cutting of the cake’ shot with hands neatly arranged and everyone looking at the camera (I can’t think of anything more awkward). Rather, I will photograph you signing the register and cutting the cake without the intrusion of a photographer meddling in proceedings. The bonus being you will have extra time to fill with more meaningful readings or entertainment and probably a lot more fun.


I encourage a minimal amount of group shots including one large shot of everyone at the wedding (and of course lots of confetti). It is a happy moment for everyone to reconvene after the ceremony but for that reason, it shouldn’t drag on for ages or be too formal. The best group shots are informal, intimate and full of fun.


After your ceremony and group session I suggest you plan a ‘first walk’. It is here I will capture the two of you alone – a chance to take it all in, get some peace and to feel the most in love you have ever felt. With minimal direction and intrusion from me you will be invited to be present in the moment, to drink it in and experience it fully. You won’t remember me, just each other. You will feel powerful, sexy and romantic and it will show. I recommend a Harmony Session so you know just what that is like.

We might sneak off for a few minutes at sunset too, just enough so you can catch your breath, but not too long that your guests are wondering where you are.

So you’ve read all about me  and now you have an idea of how I work. Check out some featured weddings in my journal to get a feel for my style.

Get in touch to receive my comprehensive pricing guide and wedding brochure or ask your wedding planner for more details.

the day

from dawn until dask

  • Willing to travel to any venue in South Wales and England, including Cardiff, Bristol and London
  • Approx 10h, from bride preparation until after the first dance
  • Consultation with cocktails or coffee
  • High – resolution photographs in a beautiful presentation box
  • 500-800 photographs fully edited and professionally retouched
  • Online gallery with easy-to-buy print options for friends and family
  • Full printing rights
  • 50 4×6 complimentary prints

other splendid things


The Harmony Session

Those moments where you feel completely in tune with the landscape, where you have to pause to drink it in and feel part of it. It’s the same with love. You know when you have found the one you want to share your life with, as they are part of you. Both unique, yet completely together.

In our harmony session, I will create a space where you both feel entirely comfortable feeling these emotions together and in the particular place we happen to be. Whether that is rolling hills; secluded woodland or a bustling city street. I won’t pose you, rather (and only if needed) I will give you the tools you need to overcome camera awkwardness and instead feel incredibly powerful, sexy and natural in the space around you.

[…] so I love you because I know no other way
than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

— Sonnet XVII Pablo Neruda

How much is it?

The Harmony Session is priced on an individual basis, please contact me to find out more.

How long does it take?

Approx 1-2 hours or sometimes longer if we go to more than one location, or if we get carried away.

What does it entail?

Some call it an engagement shoot or  a pre-shoot .. I call it a Harmony Session. It is all about getting to know each-other, a couple of bad jokes and plenty of good vibes. I will provide gentle coaching and encouragement to create the right atmosphere. The aim will be to achieve the levels of emotions that show you at your most natural and therefore most beautiful. Couples come away laughing and say they feel exhilarated, peaceful, loved-up and totally at ease with me and my camera. You can bring what you like to the session whether that’s props, your poodle or just your perfect selves.

What do I get?

Approx 40 – 100 fully-edited photographs on a bespoke USB in two folders (one perfected for online sharing, the other for perfect printing). You also get to see the images in an online gallery which you can share with friends and family and order print products.

Optional extras

Signing Frame

I offer a “signing frame” which is a print of your choice from your collection, in a frame with a large mount that can be used for people to sign at your wedding (often used instead of a guest book).

booking enquiry

The first step is to check I am available by getting in touch below.

I am in the fortunate position that popular dates are booked 1-2 years in advance, so if you are interested in my photography I recommend getting in touch as soon as you have confirmation from your venue.

Booking Procedure

  1. Check I am available
  2. We will meet for coffee (or cocktails) or if you are faraway or abroad we can have a chat via Skype or Facetime.
  3. Pay a 20% booking fee to secure date.
  4. Read and sign an online contract
  5. Yay you have booked!

You may wish to book a Harmony Session before the big day or keep in touch by following my recent shoots on Facebook or Twitter. You can also ‘friend me’ on Facebook to chat photography, weddings or tut at my frequent gym references.

Not keen on form filling? Email me at: